Web design and development GalwayOur web consulting services include providing a comfort level to businesses in supporting their existing web presence. We provide full scale solutions for ecommerce businesses including the deployment of ecommerce shopping systems, sales lead generation websites, brochureware websites, blogging tools and community discussion forums.

Web design

Your website is the representation of you and your business on the Internet. As a first impression of your company is formed when they meet you or walk through your doors - a quality, well-designed website supports the quality of your brand and name in the online space. Beyond the design of your website, the functionality is additionally important. A website usually has a series of purposes, increasing in complexity depending on the business it supports.

Basic brochureware websites

The purpose of a brochureware website is to displays brochure-like information about your company, it's services and product offerings and it's background and history. It is a basic representation of your brand presence in the online space. This class of website is often chosen when first developing an online presence and strategy for engaging online.

Business focussed websites

A business-focussed website additionally directs visitor attention on generating a sales lead or service enquiry. Oftentimes that can simply mean displaying phone contact information prominently. In other scenarios, a enquiry-generating focus can be achieved by developing a contact form requiring some specific information from potential customers. In more other solutions it is common to integrate the form data generated with a CRM or other internal lead-management system.

Ecommerce website

An ecommerce focussed website directs visitor attention to purchasing product or subscribing to services. This is typically supported by valuable information on popular topics within the business domain, a content-driven strategy. Providing valuable information, not just product or service specifications, to the visitor builds their trust and respect for your company as they experts in that domain. Popular content, being indexed well in searches, can then direct visitor attention to purchasing or subscribing.

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