Being among the top, or being the top returned result in organic search result for products and services in your niche is of paramount importance. Better quality organic visitors gives you a better shot at converting them. Ensuring the quality of search engine visitors gives your web presence a much better shot at converting them, whether that means direct selling a product or service; getting that enquiry form filled out; signing up for a newsletter; or calling you up on the phone.

Our SEO service consists of two distinct phases. First we analyse your current web presence, competitors that you nominate and gather your expected search terms. We use those as  abasis for generating further search phrases before deduping and filtering them back. We take these data and create a matrix of monthly local and international rankings for each phrase, providing a ranked phrase matrix. We then carefully categorise these phrases before implementing the results onsite, the second phase of our SEO service. Where possible, we will also configure your system to display SEF URLs which significantly help your rankings.

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Our process

  • We assess existing search phrases
  • We research current and competitor rankings
  • We create a ranked search phrase matrix
  • We configure your system for SEF
  • We implement our solutions onsite

Key Features

  • Keyphrase analysis
  • Industry & Competitor analysis
  • Keyphrase seeding
  • Onsite optimization
  • Content recommendations & advice

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