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Top 7 tips for day-to-day SEO

There is a lot of good information around about optimising for search. There is a lot more long-winded and confusing information around. Here are 7 quick tips to enhance your search engine optimisation.

1Back linking.Top Tips for Search Engine Optimization Back links are when some other website links to yours. Search engines see them as a positive vote for your website, assuming you don't link back. Ask clients and/or suppliers to link to you. If you can, ask them to make the anchor text one of your key phrases too.

2SEF. Implementing Search Engine Friendly, or 'fancy' URLs not only makes them more human readable, it also allows you to place search terms into the address. Most content management systems have this feature available, but it may not be turned on by default.

3Title tagging. The title tag determines what appears in the title bar of your visitors browser. It's a great place to add an alternative version of your main key phrase. Writing a post about 'West coast fishing trips'? The title bar is a good place to refer to the blog post as 'West coast fishing charters'. Additionally, if you place your site or business name in the title of your pages, make it appear after the title and not before.

4First 300 words. The first 300 words or so are the most important both for search engines and human readers. Resist the temptation to slowly introduce your topic, get right to the important point you want to make up front. Use these early words to flag the important message of your post.

5Meta description. The meta description tends to be the intro text that search engines place under the link. Traditionally it has been a place to explain what the page is about, a meta-description. It's less important to place search terms here than it is to write a description that will help entice a searcher to click that link.

6Image/links alt/title tags. An often overlooked, easy to implement SEO technique is to remember to use the title tag in links, and alt tags in images. This is the text that appears when you mouseover a link or image.

7Focus. Have a singular focus for each page or blog post and avoid the temptation to use the same search phrase everywhere. This avoids diluting the focus of each page, and builds your website reputation as authoritative when each focussed blog post or page adds to the overall focus in your long-term content strategy.

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