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Facebook's New Insights

Facebook have added a lot of new data to their page analytics section which they call insights. There are now six tabs of information including what we previously had. 'People talking about this' has changed to 'Engagement'; 'Virality' has been replaced with 'Engagement rate' and 'Reach' is now broken down into paid and organic, the latter including the previous 'Viral reach' category.

Facebook 6 tabs insights

Six tabs

1 Overview - 7-day snapshot of everything.

2 Likes - Likes gained and lost including geographical data on where they're coming from.

3 Reach - Displays performance measures for posts, likes, comments and shares. Also shows negative factors - Hides, report as spam and unlikes.

4 Visits - Shows visit popularity for each part of your page (Events, Photos, Timeline etc.) and also shows top external referring sites.

5 Posts - Shows post type popularity and which posts are performing best. I would bet that photo-based posts is the top here for most pages.

6 People - Demographic data on your fans and people who engaged compared to the Facebook average based on age, gender and location.

See the full run down in the Facebook Help Centre video

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